How to Gamble Online Securely in California

How to Gamble Online Securely in California

California is one of the most famous and populated cities in the United States. With over 40 million people living in the area, it’s known to many as a carefree and vacation lifestyle city. Because of its carefree nature, many find it hard to believe that the state has laws that prohibit gambling. But the truth is, California has a couple of statutes with most of them regarding slot machines, race betting, and a myriad of other forms of gambling.

During the last few years, the state has attempted to legalize online gambling. However, the results have not been pleasing. Daily Fantasy Sports is allowed in California only because it’s not categorized as a form of online gambling. Despite the efforts to make sport betting legal in the country, it has not materialized. Also, considering the state’s politics, it’s hard to know if sports betting will be legalized in California.

In May 2019, the US Supreme court overturned a federal ban on sports betting, which allowed each state to make their own decisions. Many states like New Jersey and Delaware used this opportunity to legalize sports betting in their states.

California Gambling in A Glance

What’s Legal

• Casino games
• Sports betting
• Lottery
• Bingo (but with restrictions)
• Draw Poker (but with limitations)

What’s Illegal

• Slot machines
• Social gambling

Playing Online Casino Games in California

In California, there is no set of rules and regulations that apply to online casino games. Therefore, if you decide to play your favorite game, then you won’t have to worry about authorities knocking on your door.

Most efforts that have come up in California to either reject or regulate online casinos has been denied. As time passes, many suggested bills will monitor the online casinos, but it’s hard to tell if they will go through. First, the economy of California is on its knees owing to the various debts and other problems plaguing the state. This makes it hard for activists to convince politicians to pass the online gambling bills as their focus is on more severe problems.

Gambling Safely in California

While in California, the only way to be safe while gambling online is to ensure you follow the state laws and regulations on online games. These include:

1. Online Casino Games

Playing online casino games in California is legal. There is a myriad of sites that accepts California players, and your only challenge is finding reliable and safe ones. You’ll need to read the reviews of other players to know whether the site is secure. Besides, you should read the content and policies of the online casino site to ensure you are complying with California laws while playing.

2. Sports Betting

Online sports betting is legal in California. There are no legal sports books in California that will accept your bets online due to the federal wire act. However, there is plenty of other online sportsbooks that will be glad to receive wagers from California. With sports gambling, it’s better to stake at the trustworthy offshore sport betting sites as they are safer than local sportsbooks.

3. Online lottery Games

The lottery is legal in California and has been present for the ages in the US’s third-largest state. The state regulates most lotteries, with most giving you an option to play online. So if you are looking to play the lottery in California, then you have no worry of cops knocking your door at night or freezing of your account when you least expect it.

California state has one of the most complicated laws when it comes to online gambling. What you believe is legal in California may be illegal, while what you think is illegal could be permitted. It’s therefore essential to stick to a guide to ensure you gamble safely on your stay in California.

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