Daily Fantasy Sports in California

Daily Fantasy Sports in California

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) is a variant of traditional fantasy sports that is usually conducted over short periods—daily or weekly basis. At present, the State of California has the biggest market of DFS. With over 120,000 active DFS players, the state makes 10% of all entries across the US. This is a lucrative venture in the aforementioned state. However, the legislators are yet to legalize and set laws to regulate this form of gambling. The bill to legalize DFS was introduced in 2015 in California. Up to date, the senators have not yet acted on the bill.

Where can you Play Daily Fantasy Sports in California?

The major sites to play DFS in California are DraftKings and FanDuel. In fact, they control 90 percent of the market across the US. In 2016, the two companies had moved for a merger, which fell through after it was declined by the Federal Trade Commission. After the collapse of the deal, DraftKings emerged as the strongest DFS provider controlling a larger share of the market in California and the US at large. Furthermore, you may also opt to use the site known as FantasyDraft DFS but it is less popular.

How to Gamble DFS

DFS is a new trend in the gambling arena. Have you ever wondered how to gamble DFS for real money in California? Actually, DFS is not a complicated concept. Its principle lies on daily fantasy contests, which over tens of millions of people play every year, especially in the NFL season. In the undertaking, you and other people are allowed to pick rooster players. You will earn points in regards to the statistics of the players you have selected. As we mentioned earlier, the difference between DFS and traditional fantasy sports is that the latter runs for short durations of time—on a daily basis.

Pros of Playing Daily Fantasy Sports

Playing DFS has many advantages and some of them include:

  • It’s a lot of fun to play– No doubt playing season-long fantasy sports is fun, but it is even better when you play on a daily basis. The undertaking offers diversified events, therefore, you may experiment on each of them for ultimate fun. Importantly, in season-long fantasy sports, you may be stuck with the same players irrespective of their performance especially when no one wants to make trades but in DFS you change your players on a weekly basis making it enjoyable to play.
  • No legal repercussions– Even though there no laws explicitly legalizing DFS in California, there is also is no law illegalizing the lucrative gambling game.
  • You can win real money– Apart from the fun that comes with DFS, there is real money for grasp for players who stand a chance of winning.
  • Less time-consuming– People who play season-long fantasy sports may know, which player as marital problems with their families because of the time they take examining their squads. However, with DFS you don’t have to put in all this time as you select a player based on their form on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Easy to deposit and withdraw– DFS offers user-friendly options to deposit and withdraw money.

Cons of Playing Daily Fantasy Sports

Some of the disadvantages of DFS include:

  • Attracts underage gamblers– Sites such as DraftKings and FanDuel have no way to establish the age of the players so it might attract minors.
  • Addiction– Just like any other form of gambling DFS may lead to addiction.

Overall, even though the state of California has not legalized or illegalized DFS, it is a very popular form of gambling. Remember, it is always to your best interests, to gamble responsibly.

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