Casino Etiquette 101- Proper Conduct in a Casino Environment

Casino Etiquette 101- Proper Conduct in a Casino Environment

Gambling Casinos take drastic measures when it comes to security since there is a lot of money being exchanged that some people would stop at nothing to get their hands on. Almost everywhere you look in a Casino, there is a security camera watching everything that goes on in or around the establishment. From the time you drive up to a casino, you are being watched. Therefore, it is important to conduct yourself in a proper fashion or face being removed and possibly banned from the premises.

Proper Conduct in a Casino Environment

Why You Should Dress Properly When Visiting a Casino

In the past casinos were very prestigious and wouldn’t allow someone entry, if they weren’t dressed in proper attire. In most cases the men had to be wearing a suit and tie while, women were required to dress elegantly. No shorts, T-shirts, sandals, halter tops, etc. Nevertheless, things have changed over the years to where you can visit a casino in pajamas and nobody would say a thing to you, as long as you are there to gamble and not just standing around looking suspicious. However, if you don’t want all eyes on you at a casino, then you should dress properly.

How to Conduct Yourself at a Casino

Remember, the last thing you want to do in a casino is, draw attention. Security Guards are everywhere watching and waiting for someone to cross the line then out they go! Nobody wants to be escorted out of a casino by a dozen security guards, as it would be very embarrassing. Try to keep a low tone, so you won’t distract other players who are trying to concentrate on winning. Being loud, disorderly, or offensive is some of the more common reasons people are kicked out of a casino. Begging, soliciting, or bothering other players in any way is also not tolerated and will get you removed immediately.

Drink Responsibly and Keep it To A Minimum

Having a few drinks is encouraged at casinos as the owners want to make sure you enjoy your time there so you will keep coming back. That’s why they have cocktail servers going around distributing free drinks. Keep in mind these servers receive low wages and highly depend on gratuity tips. Getting too drunk may pose a problem, so try to limit your drinks to a minimum.

Rules for Playing At the Tables

There are certain restrictions you need to know about before heading to play blackjack, dice, or roulette. Keep your hands off the table at all times. In addition, you are not allowed to hold the cards in your hands; rather they must remain face down on the table where the dealer can see them. All bets must be placed before the cards are dealt in Blackjack and once the host calls out, “no more bets” on roulette, you must refrain from betting.

Smoking, Wearing Heavy Perfumes, and Other Things That May Bother Others

There are designated smoking areas and non-smoking areas throughout a casino. Therefore, if you smoke, stay in the smoking section. Thus, while these are not really things that can get you thrown out, they are still wrong: wearing a lot of perfume, strong-smelling Hairspray, or other and sitting next to someone, is just plain rude, disrespectful, and inconsiderate. Some people have allergies or strong senses and may be bothered by these smells and there are plenty of machines that you can play without disturbing others.


Casinos are there for you to enjoy yourself as a fun pastime. There is nothing wrong with drinking and gambling as long as you do it responsibly and only gamble with money that you could afford to lose and only drink enough to where you are feeling good. Always be considerate of others when playing at a casino. Don’t be rude, loud, or obnoxious and hopefully, you will get lucky and win some serious cash!

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