Poker Games with the Best Jackpots

Poker Games with the Best Jackpots

Online poker games can have incredibly high payouts based upon the paytable that is offered on the particular game. Full Pay Deuces Wild, for example, sees a return rate of 100.76% on a Royal Flush when the full house to flush odds is 9/6. Although casinos are not in the habit of losing money, that kind of player return is a jackpot worth placing your bet upon. The best jackpot wins for poker played online can be found when playing these games:

Full Pay Deuces Wild

In this poker game, four deuces act as wild cards, which means that your deuce can replace another card to complete a winning hand. Full Pay Deuces Wild pays out 5 to 1 for Four Of A Kind winning hand. A Five Of A Kind wins 15 coins per 1 coin bet you place.

If you bet all 5 coins and win the hand with a Royal Flush, you’ll win 4,000 coins. A Full House and Flush pay 9/6 for a 1 coin bet and pay 45/30 for a 5 coin bet. This is a player payout percentage of 100.76%.

Double Bonus Poker

Double Bonus Poker online poker game with 10/7 odds has a return rate of 100.17%.

In Double Bonus Poker, the player must collect at least a pair of jacks in order to generate a profit. “Doubling” is a feature on this version of online poker, which means that once a winning hand is achieved, the player is given the option to double the amount that they’ve won.

In order to win the double, 5 cards are dealt and only 1 card face is exposed. The player will then choose one of the 4 cards that are facedown, and if the card the player selects is higher than the face-up card, the player then wins double their winning amount. A Royal Flush pays 4,000 coins on a 5 coin bet.

Pick’Em Poker

Pick’Em Poker has a great return rate of 99.95%. The player needs at least a pair of 9’s to generate a winning hand, and that pays 2 coins on a 1 coin bet. The max win in Pick’Em Poker is a Royal Flush, which pays 6,000 coins to a 1 coin bet.

In this version of poker, the player will place a bet and then is dealt 8 cards. Two of the cards dealt will be to the left, face up. The remaining six are dealt face down in 2 stacks of 3 cards each. The player must then choose between the stacks, and once one of the stacks is chosen, the cards are revealed to show the players’ hand of 5 cards.

Full Pay Jacks Or Better

This version of online poker has a player return of 99.54% if you look for a game featuring 9/6 odds. Full Pay Jacks Or Better pays out 800 coins to 1 coin bet on a Royal Flush winning hand. The payout on a Straight Flush is 50/1. A 5 coin bet on a Royal Flush wins the player 4,000 coins.

The player must collect a pair of jacks or better in order to pay out the odds. Full Pay Jacks Or Better online poker also has the “double” feature to double the winnings, much like Double Bonus Poker features.

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