Five Best Tips For Baccarat

Five Best Tips For Baccarat

Baccarat has found its way to many poker players since back in the day with Bond films. This game offers fast-paced action and exciting turnouts. With some quick tips, you can elevate your consistency and mitigate your risk. 

Top Five Tips

  1. Avoid The Pattern
  2. Make Your Bets Smart
  3. Watch The Table 
  4. Short and Sweet
  5. Your Gut Knows

Avoid Patterns

Some Baccarat players may claim that you should pay attention to the patterns of bank, player, or tie. Unless you are playing on the street and the dealer has weighted dice, this is foolish to try and remember because you are causing yourself more stress. 

The odds have not changed for each sequence. You may find yourself on a hot or cold streak, but remember it is all by chance, and each outcome has the same potential. 

Make Smarter Bets

If you are new to Baccarat, this option may not sound as appealing at first. Betting on the banker, which will tax you five percent on every win, is actually a safer long term bet. 

The banker bet has a lower house edge, and it will make your bets worth it over the long term that you play. Over time, the banker bet will win typically 50.68 percent versus 49.32 percent on the player. 

Another option is the tie bet. Avoid the tie bet unless you are fine with losing money. This one only pays off about nine percent of the time, which pays out nicely, but you have no real idea when the tie will happen. 

Watch Your Table

Assuming you know your local casino well, this one may not apply to you. If you are going to new spots, then it is important to check the payouts at your table. 

It is common for most baccarat tables to have a five percent commission on the banker. That is not the standard for every casino. 

Some have 10 percent and possibly even higher than that on the banker bet wins. If you must bet on the tie, check beforehand how much of a payout it is to see if it is lower than the nine-to-one ratio. 

Short And Sweet

If you have played this game enough, you will know when you get on a hot or cold streak. As with any card game, you may find yourself asking how much more I plan on losing if I am in a cold streak. 

Set yourself some limits to how much you plan on winning and losing. Keep your strides short and sweet, and ride out the hot streak as reasonably as possible. If starting a cold streak, simply move on to another game or come back later to the table to let the odds work themselves out. 

Your Gut Knows

As with any poker game, you get a certain feeling about something. Then the outcome actually happens. While this is either luck or chance, sometimes it is fun to go on a gut feeling. 

Understand the reasons behind your gut feeling. This could potentially save you some money if you feel it is time to walk away from a bad streak or even bet on something else. Your gut could help you make the appropriate bet if you know the odds. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a new or experienced baccarat player, these quick tips could keep your pockets a little more intact when at the casino. If you are interested in the game, you can find one online to play for free to get the hang of it before you try one at the casino. 

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